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Oildigger Operations

A hands on approach... 

Oildigger Resources headquarters (HQ) are located in Billings, MT which is less than 270 miles from the field. Our close proximity allows us to be actively involved every step of the way to ensure that the necessary steps are being taken to maximize potential -- even if that means getting our boots dirty! 

Pictured: Our Vice President, Doug Rubick, suited up on the floor helping prep the second stage of a re-completion in the field. 

Why the Powder River Basin?

We're often asked, 'why is the Powder River Basin the best place for an investment in oil & gas?' When compared to every other location, the Powder River Basin checks every box. 

Photo Mar 26, 2 00 49 PM (1).jpg

Location is key: Oildigger Resources, LLC Headquarters (HQ) 

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