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About Us

Oildigger Resources is a privately held company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains that offers investors direct investment into oil & gas assets. Oildigger Resources uses cutting edge technology along with efficiency and optimization to enhance the value of petroleum producing properties, generating a return for its investors.

The Oildigger Management Team has a proven track record of mitigating risk and creating value. Not only does the management team own and operate their own oil wells, they are Licensed Professional Petroleum Engineers and consult to other upstream Exploration and Production companies. We look where others are not looking, creating a low cost of entry and allowing maximum returns. The results oriented team is focused and data driven; we review technical data in great detail and persevere when others give up.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide investors direct access to strategic, under-valued oil and gas assets allowing them the opportunity to maximize returns while keeping the interests of all stakeholders in mind. 

Core Values

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